This course will show you how to apply for a residential building permit using the City and County of Honolulu’s ePlans system.

Completion of this course will empower you because the knowledge gained can give you more control of your permit review process.

We will show you all you need to get started, submit your design drawings & documents, navigate & facilitate the review, and how to close out the process once your permit is approved for issue.

Our intention with this course is to help you understand how the application process works and how to navigate through the ePlans jungle after submitting your building permit application.

When you finish this course, you will have the knowledge and understanding you need to apply for and process your own building permit. This course will help you conquer any intimidation factor you may have once had before about the building permit application process. With that fear in the past, and no longer a deterrent, you will be able to tame the residential permit processing system on Oahu.

With the knowledge you gain from taking this course you will know how it is done so you can save money by processing your own residential building permits.

After you finish this course you can potentially save hundreds of dollars in permit processing fees paid out to others. In some cases, you could save thousands of dollars in processing fees that would otherwise be paid out to a permit runner, expeditor, or a third-party reviewer.

…and who knows, after the confidence you’ll gain by finishing this course, you may even consider starting your own permit-processing business as a profitable work-from-home side gig and help others get their permit for them!

Aloha, my name is Jim Kane and I am the owner of Owner Built Design and Hawaii Building Permit Academy

I have worked with Hawaii home owners and general contractors for over 30 years here on Oahu and other islands as a draftsman, residential designer, and permit expeditor.

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Access Your Project Online
Submit your building plans online through the ePlans system.
Be a Part of the Approval

Facilitate the process with direct access through ePlans.

Construct with Confidence

As a participant in the permit approval you learn more about the building code.